We are Cina Associates

Photo credit: Noah Sahady

An independent design agency specializing in brand identities, custom typefaces, and all things visual, Cina Associates collaborates with clients both large and small.

We believe that design has the power to create change and inspire movements. As a boutique agency, we build our narratives based on the trifecta of imagination, curiosity, and thoughtful strategy. Our clients are the catalyst, our work the disruptor.

We've dedicated our lives to refining our craft. From building a foundation based on the history of visual communication to breaking the internet with trends in art and design, Cina Associates pairs essential fundamentals with fresh creativity.

We seek partnerships with brands that value design and look to lead their perspective markets through radical innovation and original thought. Contact us today to start the conversation.

Michael Cina
A Century of Artifice.
Ghostly International 2008 - 2014

VSCO published a limited edition monograph celebrating over 100 stunning album covers for Ghostly International since 2008. Over the course of his career, award-winning visual artist Michael Cina has experimented with and mastered a dizzying array of disciplines, including typography, branding, art direction, illustration, fine art, motion, web, photography and more.

Core Beliefs

We believe that what you say and do has a profound impact and we live accordingly. We believe that with humility and empathy, issues dissolve. We search for people who share these ideals and want to improve the earth we live in. 

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Mailing Address
1101 Stinson Blvd #17
MPLS MN 55413