Discovery commissioned Cina Associates to revamp their channel, Investigation Discovery. The ask was to position ID as the premiere platform-agnostic brand for fans of true crime through a rebrand.

To present and unify ID as the premiere network for True Crime across all media platforms while giving it a distinct and unique voice.

A timeless and expandable visual identity/system for the leading true crime network. 

Brand identity
Brand strategy
Logo Design
Brand Guidelines
Visual Identity

We agreed that a successful visual system included these elements. Type + Color + Image + Logo + Design + Message + Strategy = Visual System

As a result, we felt we should do an audit of not only the brand itself, but the ecosystems ID lives in. Our extensive research, delivered in a packed 200 page report, helped us see areas that ID could own and flourish in. These findings lead the way for us to develop the visual system.

Tone Words: Suspenseful, Mysterious, Revealing, Authentic, Human, Empathetic, True, Credible
Visual Approach:
"ID reveals fascinating, complex and true stories through cinematic perspectives, sizes (macro/micro), etc. We use mystery by revealing and accentuating the unusual without the need to show everything. Sometimes we are in the shadows, sometimes we are the light but we’re honest. We’re human and sometimes we’re loud. ID uses texture and thrilling bold typography while letting the image tell the story. We normally dress in dark tones with bursts of color."

Directions:> Perspectives + Angles
> Reveal + Cover-Up
> Emotional Color
> Illuminate + Highlight
> Surprises + Mystery
> Human Elements