Minimalism meets functionality for FOX Sports Network's on-screen graphics package.

Cina Associates collaborated with FOX Sports Network in 2005 to create a new score bug and larger info graphic system for use in all on-screen coverage — including the NFL, MLB, NBA and Nascar. FOX Sports Network had been a leader in the market for years before it became apparent that other networks were visually borrowing from their brand. Fox Sports needed to not only differentiate, but also continue to set the bar for how America and the world watches sports television. The solution: create a type-centric, minimalist score bug and identity system with a deft focus on legibility and the game itself. Fox Sports Network was clear that they wanted something that would stand the test of time, not focus on trend, and still look good a decade later. This complex system needed to be seamlessly flexible to consider countless scenarios and applications. Stripping away unnecessary visual clutter, effects, and overpowering graphics our solution focused on a system that allowed viewers to focus on the game without unnecessary obstruction. The images shown are just a small fraction of what we did for FOX Sports Network.
While this provided a first exploration for this radical new frame of thinking, these concepts were developed at a rapid pace. Though exciting, FOX Sports Network ultimately decided to augment their current visual approach, feeling that this new work was too much of a departure from their current standards. One of the many ideas that we had, and still love, was make the information large at critical moments, so you wouldn’t have to have it up so long on screen. We still think about how far this project could have gone in 2005 given the opportunity, and while we have updated some of our images, we stand firmly with our original thinking and believe it has “stood up under the test of time”. While we believe imitation is the best form of flattery, many agencies have since contacted Cina Associates asking to use these images for their pitches, as well pitching jointly. Had we been able to develop this work for FOX Sports Network further, who knows how this could have manifested. Next time, we’d advocate doing a custom typeface as well!
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Design by Michael Cina and Michael Young