The most magical Typeface on Earth? Perhaps.

Cina Associates collaborated with Disney to create nine exclusive custom typefaces. We were tasked to deliver a product that could represent Disney’s rich history, but also look toward its future. Above all, the typefaces needed to be legible and appealing to children, but also sophisticated enough for adults. The primary goal was to develop something that worked well with Disney’s new site design and could also translate into a variety of offline applications. No easy task!

We dove right in, made a list of everything that was needed, and started addressing each issue one by one. Soon after, we were developing out the chosen concept. Typeface design is all about the details; we took no shortcuts to create a typeface whose personality is, well, very Disney!

Working with Disney was one of the best experiences we have ever had, a real dream come true!

Services and Job Specs:
Custom Font Design
9 Multi-Weight and Style Family
Exclusive Rights
Online and Offline Typeface
Font Concept and Development
Complete Spacing and Kerning Pairs
330+ Characters
30+ Languages
Formats Delivered: OTF, TTF, EOT, SVG, WOFF
Direction and Design:
Michael Cina
Matthew Desmond